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For most folks exploring the top secret to everlasting daily life, or reaching heaven and dwelling for good in a blissful afterlife is the best objective, but for some, concepts like daily life with no end and infinity are seemingly terrifying to the position where by they can’t guide a usual daily life. These folks put up with from a little-identified and even considerably less talked-about condition called “apeirophobia”.

You won’t find many scientific or health care facts about apeirophobia on the web. It doesn’t even have its possess Wikipedia entry, and well-liked health care facts websites like Mayo Clinic or WebMD have no point out of it both. But when it arrives to anecdotal proof of its existence, the hundreds of discussion board threads, social media posts and web site entries by people sharing tales of their battle with the concern of everlasting daily life or infinite area, and asking for support in coping with anxiousness, sleeplessness and melancholy, are ample to encourage any one that apeirophobia is more than a designed-up health care issue.

As opposed to other phobias, aperirophobia is a ton more challenging to demonstrate, which is why most folks tend to hold it a top secret. It is one point to tell that you’re afraid of snakes, or heights, and yet another that you’re afraid of dwelling for good or of the infinity of the universe. Although most folks find the concern of loss of life beautifully easy to understand and even relatable, the concern of infinity and eternity is seemingly substantially more challenging to grasp.

But apeirophobia sufferers can make some fairly compelling arguments for their concern, primarily when it arrives to everlasting daily life. No matter if it be in this earth or in heaven, the considered of remaining about for good with no the likelihood of ending their existence is terrifying. The absence of a signifies of escape, irrespective of how joyful and enjoyable this everlasting daily life may possibly be creeps these folks out, and just wondering about it can bring about a wide variety of indications, from anxiousness and stress assaults to melancholy. Some sufferers explain their expertise with apeirophobia as feeling claustrophobic, trapped, or caught in time.

“I concern that eventually through eternity I will eventually arrive at a position where by I have experienced everything, figured out everything, accomplished everything, achieved absolutely everyone, and eventually I am gonna be caught remaining bored of remaining in existence, but I’m gonna have no way out no make a difference how substantially I want it to be so,” apeirophobia sufferer Paul wrote on Phobia Dread Release. “And even although that would acquire a pretty pretty extended time to arrive at, my reasoning is eventually it will materialize, and all that time in the midst of eternity coming up to that position will seem to be like a blink of an eye, since time is no more then a perception and measurement, an notion that we give to days and so on and so forth.”

“I know for most Christians that notion of everlasting daily life is pretty reassuring but for me…I just couldn’t deal with it,” Tom told YOMYOMF. “I’d just be lying in mattress and start off wondering about the everlasting daily life point and just eliminate it. I’m certain my wife considered I was outrageous. I had a thriving profession and a good marriage and family–life should’ve been good but this point was having absent at me.”

But the concern of everlasting daily life is just one facet of the coin. Some sufferers have no trouble with the notion of dwelling for good, but are terrified by infinity. “I sense that we are all insignificant compared to the universe,” a selected Jane Adkins wrote in a Facebook write-up. “When I start off to think outside of our solar method, it is as if my feelings automatically cease to defend myself from possessing some form of a stress assault. The expertise of black holes will give me nightmares for days. The considered of the distance between galaxies is unbearable.”


You can find hundreds of posts like the kinds offered earlier mentioned on the world-wide-web, if you search for them. Most of the folks who share their experiences are hunting for methods of dealing with their apeirophobia, but while medical remedies and behavioral treatment works for some, most are remaining with just one option – keeping them selves distracted to hold feelings of eternity or infinity out of their minds.

We do not nonetheless have a very clear clarification of what results in apeirophobia, but it may possibly have something to do with how are brains course of action concepts like eternity and infinity. Martin Wiener, assistant professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Cognitive Neuroscience, Time Notion, Place Notion at George Mason University, told The Atlantic that the frontal lobe, the component of the mind believed to control extended-term preparing, is one of the previous to produce as we increase.


“In adolescence, there is a dawning realization that happens where by one realizes they will grow to be an adult. I suspect that, in apeirophobia, one arrives to the ‘realization’ that right after loss of life you will are living for good (if you feel this), and in simulating that expertise in your mind, one realizes that there is no way to task in advance to ‘forever’—and that expertise is, inherently, anxiousness-provoking,” Wiener reported. “As these kinds of, the anxiousness that these people are experience may possibly not be substantially unique than the concern of expanding up, acquiring previous, or loss of life.”

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