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For most persons finding the key to eternal lifetime, or achieving heaven and residing endlessly in a blissful afterlife is the best aim, but for some, ideas like lifetime without stop and infinity are evidently terrifying to the position the place they simply cannot lead a typical lifetime. These persons go through from a small-identified and even fewer talked-about condition called “apeirophobia”.

You won’t locate lots of scientific or healthcare data about apeirophobia on the net. It does not even have its have Wikipedia entry, and preferred healthcare data web sites like Mayo Clinic or WebMD have no point out of it both. But when it will come to anecdotal evidence of its existence, the hundreds of forum threads, social media posts and blog site entries by people sharing tales of their wrestle with the concern of eternal lifetime or infinite area, and inquiring for assistance in coping with anxiety, sleeplessness and melancholy, are enough to persuade any individual that apeirophobia is much more than a built-up healthcare problem.

Not like other phobias, aperirophobia is a lot more durable to make clear, which is why most persons tend to keep it a key. It’s a single detail to tell that you are fearful of snakes, or heights, and one more that you are fearful of residing endlessly or of the infinity of the universe. Though most persons locate the concern of loss of life flawlessly easy to understand and even relatable, the concern of infinity and eternity is evidently a lot more durable to grasp.

But apeirophobia sufferers can make some very persuasive arguments for their concern, in particular when it will come to eternal lifetime. Irrespective of whether it be in this entire world or in heaven, the assumed of getting all around endlessly without the possibility of ending their existence is terrifying. The lack of a implies of escape, regardless of how joyful and pleasant this eternal lifetime may be creeps these persons out, and just wondering about it can induce a selection of signs or symptoms, from anxiety and stress assaults to melancholy. Some sufferers describe their practical experience with apeirophobia as feeling claustrophobic, trapped, or trapped in time.

“I concern that ultimately in the course of eternity I will ultimately arrive at a position the place I have knowledgeable every thing, realized every thing, completed every thing, fulfilled every person, and ultimately I am gonna be trapped getting bored of getting in existence, but I’m gonna have no way out no make any difference how a lot I want it to be so,” apeirophobia sufferer Paul wrote on Phobia Fear Launch. “And even though that would just take a really really very long time to arrive at, my reasoning is ultimately it will come about, and all that time in the midst of eternity coming up to that position will seem to be like a blink of an eye, simply because time is no much more then a perception and measurement, an strategy that we give to times and so on and so forth.”

“I know for most Christians that strategy of eternal lifetime is really reassuring but for me…I just could not offer with it,” Tom explained to YOMYOMF. “I’d just be lying in bed and commence wondering about the eternal lifetime detail and just reduce it. I’m certain my spouse assumed I was outrageous. I experienced a profitable occupation and a fantastic relationship and family–life should’ve been fantastic but this detail was consuming away at me.”

But the concern of eternal lifetime is just a single aspect of the coin. Some sufferers have no difficulty with the strategy of residing endlessly, but are terrified by infinity. “I experience that we are all insignificant as opposed to the universe,” a selected Jane Adkins wrote in a Fb put up. “When I commence to imagine over and above our solar program, it is as if my feelings immediately cease to shield myself from acquiring some sort of a stress assault. The information of black holes will give me nightmares for times. The assumed of the distance between galaxies is unbearable.”


You can find hundreds of posts like the types offered previously mentioned on the internet, if you look for them. Most of the persons who share their experiences are seeking for techniques of dealing with their apeirophobia, but while medical remedies and behavioral therapy performs for some, most are left with just a single solution – trying to keep by themselves distracted to keep feelings of eternity or infinity out of their minds.

We don’t nonetheless have a crystal clear rationalization of what results in apeirophobia, but it may have something to do with how are brains procedure ideas like eternity and infinity. Martin Wiener, assistant professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Cognitive Neuroscience, Time Perception, Area Perception at George Mason College, explained to The Atlantic that the frontal lobe, the portion of the mind believed to manage very long-phrase arranging, is a single of the previous to establish as we develop.


“In adolescence, there is a dawning realization that takes place the place a single realizes they will grow to be an grownup. I suspect that, in apeirophobia, a single will come to the ‘realization’ that soon after loss of life you will live endlessly (if you believe this), and in simulating that practical experience in your brain, a single realizes that there is no way to task in advance to ‘forever’—and that practical experience is, inherently, anxiety-provoking,” Wiener explained. “As this kind of, the anxiety that these people are experience may not be a lot different than the concern of expanding up, getting aged, or loss of life.”

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