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Food52 is manufactured up of an wonderful group of people today who are passionate about each part of food stuff, such as how to get it on to a plate and into their mouths. Not long ago, a group member who shall continue being nameless queried the adhering to:

“You have lots of posts about earning pies and pie dough and fancy pie crust issues, but as considerably as I can explain to have hardly ever published an post on how to get parts of your pie out of the %^#$-ing pie dish with out massacring them.”

Great issue! Resident pie pro Erin McDowell has the reply.

So you’ve mastered your favourite pie crust. You can lattice like a boss. You’ve even braved the globe of deep dish pies. But you nonetheless just cannot slice the damn thing to preserve your daily life. You, my pie-loving close friend, are not by itself. This is a typical pie woe ailing all of us who operate for hrs cautiously mixing, chilling, rolling out, chilling, crimping, chilling (did we point out how a lot chilling goes on?!) and last but not least baking our perfect pies. Obtaining the perfect slice from a pie certainly doesn’t arrive as conveniently as nailing the perfect slice of cake—but there are some useful suggestions and tricks that will get you slicing cleaner, prettier parts of pie in no time.

Use a modest, sharp, serrated knife.

Very good pie dough is crisp and flaky, and these types of a crust is not likely to get cut with a uninteresting knife. I decide for serrated knives, but not the massive, hulking type I use to cut bread. Rather, I like anything marginally more substantial than a paring knife. The serrated edge lets me to saw as a result of the best crust (if applicable), with out earning also a lot of a crumby mess and makes certain the bottom crust is completely sliced ahead of I consider to eliminate the slice.

The sample slice produces breathing space inside the pie plate.

Choose out a sample slice.

This is a trick from the food stuff stylist facet of issues. When I’m taking pictures pies, I hardly ever consider to slice the whole pie appropriate from the get-go. Rather, I acquire a extremely modest, skinny “sample slice” and eliminate it from the pan. When it will come to this slice, I never treatment if I mess it up—I just require to purchase myself a minimal breathing space inside the pie plate. The moment that slice is removed, I can see into the pie better—is the filling business or runny? Does the bottom crust search baked? The moment I get an concept of what I’m dealing with, it will become even less complicated to acquire a new, clear, dare I say “perfect” slice from the remainder of the pie. I commence at 1 of the currently cut edges (you can clear it up if required), then cut as typical. This sales opportunities to a a lot bigger accomplishment amount of pretty slices—plus I get to take in the sample slice.

Operate your knife as a result of a handful of situations.

Are you certain you sliced all the way as a result of? Did you make certain to cut the bottom crust at the extremely suggestion of the slice? Working your knife as a result of the slice lines a handful of situations aids to make certain everything is basically cut (specifically the base!), which can definitely assist when it will come time to carry that slice out.

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Make certain your bottom crust is totally baked.

A good deal of situations, an underbaked bottom crust of a pie just cannot assist the excess weight of the filling, resulting in collapsed slice disasters. To fix this, you can decide to par-bake your pie, or adhere to any of our tried using and accurate suggestions for battling the dreaded soggy bottom. Attempt working with a glass pie plate—it’s obvious and you can basically test the bottom of your pie to see if it is golden and brown ahead of you eliminate it from the oven. Or consider baking your pie on a pizza stone or baking steel, which offers extra direct heat to the base of the pie plate, encouraging superior browning at the base.

Choose be aware of your pan ahead of you bake.

Brief pans can be challenging to get impressive slices out of—but deep pans can be challenging to preserve a looser filling in tact as soon as it is sliced.

Interesting the pie fully.

This is the toughest one—but all pies slice cleaner when completely cooled (or totally chilled, for product and refrigerator pies). Baked pies should be cooled fully at space temperature, then sliced for the best search. You can re-warm the slice itself by positioning it on a parchment lined baking sheet, tenting the slice with foil, and reheating in a 300° F oven for 8-10 minutes. Cold-established pies, these types of as product pies, ice product pies, or refrigerator pies, should be totally chilled ahead of you attempt to slice them for best final results.

Do you have any mystery pie-slicing suggestions? Share them with us in the comments!

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