Jackery Spark, Car Jump Starter 18000 mAh Portable Bank 800A Peak Current Battery Booster with Built-In LED Flash Light for Automotive Truck Motorcycle Boat Snowmobile only for $189.98

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Jackery Spark – Compact Self Car Jump Starter Portable Charger
#MustHave emergency car accessory kit for your car #BeSafe

Start Your Car’s Battery on Your Own in Seconds
No need to get another car and use traditional bulky car jump cables. Use Jackery Spark with its two-in combo of 18000 mAh & car jump charging cables to re-start your own dead car battery easily and safely within seconds

Number One Car Jump Starter in Its Class
Capable of up to 800A peak current charging vs others at 500A in the same class. Can charge 12V car engines at up to 30 times vs others at 15 times. Can jump start 6L gas or 3.5L diesel enginers.

Multi-Functional Solutions For Your Car & Travel Emergency Needs
Dead car battery jump starter, LED flash light, mobile charger

#LifeSaver for Your Family and Loved Ones
Do not be stranded on the road with dead car battery. Help your family and everyone by having the Jackery Spark in every car, for those emergency situations where you will need it

Jackery Proven Quality and Product Guarantee
All Jackery products come with 30 day money-back guarantee and 18 month product warranty. We believe in #HappyCustomers and we want to complement our product confidence with dedicated customer service & support

• To avoid injury and/or damage to your vehicle, do not connect the red and black clamps together.
• Remove battery within 30 seconds of starting your car.
• Store at below 140° fahrenheit and avoid direct sunlight.
• Jump starter may not work properly at temperatures below -4° fahrenheit.
• Keep out of reach of children.
Jackery: The Power Source for Mobolity!
#1 highest peak current car jump starter in its class, capable of up to 800A max current vs others in the same class at 400A, with its smart chip technology ensures vehicle charging safety.
It can also charge mobile devices such as your iPhone & iPads with its 2 USB ports at up to 2.4A fast yest safe SmartFit technology, max 4.8A output, at up to 10 times.
#Jackery Cares- powerful built-in LED flashlight helps with all night time emergency situations, its IP54 rating means it is water splash resistant protected during raining days and against dusty conditions. Jackery wants to be there for drivers.
What’s Included: Jackery Spark Car Jump Starter, Car Charger, AC Adapter, Car Clip, USB Cable, User Manual, Thank You Card. 24-month product guarantees friendly customer service.

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